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How do I know if I am using the right type of film with my screens?

This is a common problem most offices have. To ensure that you are indeed using the correct film with your intensifying screens take a look at the chart below. If you don't find your film type or screen type you will have to fluoresce the screen. The easiest way to fluoresce the screens is to darken the room, place the open cassette under the x-ray beam and then push the exposure button. You will see either a faint blue or faint green light. If the light is blue you should be using a 200 speed, DF or X-omatic film. If the light is green you should be using a 400 speed, OG, OGA, GPlus or Ortho G film.

How do I know if I have the right safelight and where should it be?

The best safelight out there which is "safe" for all film types is a GBX Safelight. The safelight should also be mounted 4 feet from the work surface. If it is closer than that it will fog the film.

What is the biggest problem in radiography today?

The biggest problem is over-exposure due to over-development. Make sure that your darkroom is light tight and that your safelight is mounted at least 4 feet away. Follow the proper exposure times for patient type. 

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