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1 Case Autochem (2 gallons of each)

13x10 Illuminators, Office Model

13x18 (5x7) Metal Cassette

13x18 Hi-Speed (200 Sp) Blue

13x18 Rare-Earth (400 Sp) Green

15x30 (6x12) Panoramic pouch w/o screens

15x30 (6x12) Panoramic pouch w/Rare-Earth

15X30 DUP Duplicate bx/100

15x30 Hi-Speed (200 Sp) Blue

15X30 OGA Panoramic bx/100

15x30 Rare-Earth (400 Sp) Green

15X30 RP Panoramic bx/100

19x29 Illuminators, Wall (holds-6 ea 8x10's, or 2 MRI's)

5X12 DUP Duplicate bx/100

5x12 Hi-Speed (200 Sp) Blue

5X12 OGA Panoramic bx/100

5x12 Rare-Earth (400 Sp) Green

5X12 RP Panoramic bx/100

5x12 Thin-line Panoramic (blank)

5X12 Thin-line Panoramic w/Rare Earth

5x14 Hi-Speed (200 Sp) Blue

5x14 Rare-Earth (400 Sp) Green

5X7 Accurad-200 Cassette, plastic, w/screens

5x7 Hi-Speed (200 Sp) Blue

5x7 Rare-Earth (400 Sp) Green

5x7 Transcranial Envelopes, pkg.50

6 Cases Autochem (price break)

8X10 DUP Duplicate bx/100

8x10 Envelopes for patient files, 250

8x10 Hi-Speed (200 Sp) Blue

8x10 ISI Cassette-blank

8x10 ISI w/200 Sp. Screen

8x10 ISI w/400 Sp. Screen

8X10 OGA Cephalometric bx/100

8x10 Rare-Earth (400 Sp) Green

8X10 RP Cephalometric bx/100

8X14 Roller Transport Clean Up Film bx/50


Accurad-200 DVD

Adapted Excerise Sheets 50/pad

Anatomy Text

Arthrodial Protractor

ATLAS of TMJ & Ceph Radiology

Brite-Spot Viewing Lamp

Cephalometric X-Ray Systems: Accuceph Complete

Cephalometric X-Ray Systems: Optional Quick Release Plates,

Cephalometric X-Ray Systems: Soft Tissue Shield

Cervical Model, articulating (Plastic)

Child's Lead Apron, W/ or without Thyroid Collar, Ultra-Lite

Combo Unit - HVEGS & Ultrasound

Dental Panoramic Poncho, Ultra-Lite

Dial Thermometer

Discontinued Cephalometric X-Ray Systems: Accuceph

Discontinued Cephalometric X-Ray Systems: Electric Powered Chair, deluxe

Discontinued Cephalometric X-Ray Systems: Wehmer Mobile Cephal

Discontinued Cephalometric X-Ray Systems: Wehmer Wall Mtd. System (ceph

Discontinued Cephalometric X-Ray Systems: Wehmer Wall Mtd. System (rota

Discontinued Cephlometer X-ray System: Wehmer Deluxe Cephalometer

Doppler Gel, 8 oz. tube

Doppler, TMJ with Headset

Duplicator, 8x13

EGS Accessories: 1.5x3.5 Self-Adh. Electrodes

EGS Accessories: 1.75x1.75 PROGEL Self-adh. electrodes

EGS Accessories: Dispersive Sponges pkg/6

EGS-Ultrasound DVD

EGS/Ultrasound DVD

FH 5x12 Panoramic

FH 5x7 Transcranial

FH 6x12 (15x30) Panoramic

FH 8x10 Cephalometric

Floor Screen, Operators, fixed

Guide, Practical, 126 pg manual

High Voltage EGS: Intelect Legend STIM

Hydrocollator, E-1, incl. 4 packs

ID Printer

Illuminators: 10x10 Office Model for wall or desk

Illuminators: 6x12 Panoramic, fmx

Illuminators: 8x10 Briefcase Pad, only 1/2" thick!

Illuminators: 8x11 Briefcase Model, Thin-line, 2 3/8

In-Office Consultation

Intelect Ultrasound, 5cm transducer

Intensifying Screens (Green and Blue)

Lead Apron Hanger, White enamel finish

Lead Aprons w/Thyroid Collar, Ultra-Lite

Lead Blockers pair

Lead Letters, R and/or L

Lead Thyroid Collar, Ultra-Lite

Lead Washers

Lead Words (single)

Lead Words: Full set 28 Words, incl. velcro

Mandible Set - 4 ea on display (Plastic)

Mobile Cart, 2 shelves, 19Hx18Wx16D

Mobile Cart, 3 shelves, 29Hx18Wx16D

Mobile floor screen 30x72x1.5mm

Neck Contour Moist Heat Steam Pack

Neck Contour pack and cover set

Neck Contour terry cover only, foam

Panoramic X-Ray Systems: Disposable Bite Piece Covers

Panorex CMT Plus

Personalized ID-Cards

Portable Massage Table

Portable Massage Table w/adj. hgt.

Posture Grid, Plexiglas: Symmetrigraf

Posture Score Sheets 50/pad

Quint Sectograph Light & Fuse Kit

Quint Series (6 DVD)

Replacement bulb for Flourescent Safelight 30742

Safelight, Flourescent with GBX

Sectograph Instructional DVDs(6 disk series

Sectograph Manual

Skull on Cervical Set, articulating - 4 section (Plastic)

SSW White Panorex DVD

Standard pack and cover set

Standard Steam pack only

Standard terry cover only, w/foam

Tank & Tray Thermometer

TMJ Tutor Demonstrator

Tracing Supplies: Acetate, Tracing

Tracing Supplies: Cervical Protractor-

Tracing Supplies: Corrolometer Protractor

Transcanial Accurad-200 Instructional VHS

Transcanial Accurad-200 X-ray system

Ultra Myossage Lotion, w/aloe,1gal.

Ultrasound Gel Pump Dispenser

Ultrasound Gel, blue, 5 liter

Unavailable 5X7 RP Transcranial bx/100

Unavailable 5X7 OG Transcranial bx/100

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